Hiatus Over - One Month Left of RC Year

If anyone is still faithfully checking this blog, you have my thanks! Sorry for the month-long hiatus. Dealing with my grandfather's death and catching up with real life took more time than I imagined and blogging wasn't exactly high on my priority list. A lot has happenend in the last month, though. Firstly, I secured my summer internship, which is exciting and such a relief. Although I'm still disappointed that I wasn't able to secure the entertainment internships that I was hoping for, the internship I accepted should be a great learning experience with a very nice group of people.

I'll be working for an organization in Washington, D.C., called The Global Fund for Children. I'll be their MBA Summer Associate working on their books division (they publish children's books and have just begun dabbling in documentary film and photography) doing online/direct marketing, strategic partnerships and alliances. The pros are that it's a small organization with a mostly young, entrepreneurial staff, so I should have the opportunity to really dig into my projects and take on a lot of responsibility. Furthermore, I've always wanted to go to D.C. (and still have latent anger that my mom wouldn't let me go on my 5th grade safety patrol trip), so now I will have two months to explore the city! I'm most looking forward to the Smithsonian Holocaust Museum, the Lincoln Memorial and hopefully taking a tour of the White House (if it's open to the public by then).

In other news, we've started the preregistration process for our EC year, which is exciting. There are like 80 courses available to choose from, although their selections in marketing are fairly limited. Some of the courses I know I want to take include Consumer Marketing, Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries, Competing Through Social Networks and Digital Marketing. There are also some cool leadership courses like Authentic Leadership Development, The Moral Leader and Leading Teams that are high on my list. And then there's general business courses like Executing Strategy, Building a Business in the Context of a Life, Managing Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Leadership that look interesting. We also have the opportunity to work on Field Study or Independent Study projects, so I'll be brainstorming about potential project ideas over the next couple of months.

Last week we had our first final exam (strategy), and we've got 5 more scattered throughout the remaining 5 weeks of the semester. It's hard to believe that my first year of business school is practically over! This summer is going to be crazy busy for me, although I won't be doing any grand traveling like a lot of my classmates (there are treks to China, Japan, Israel and Eastern Europe among other destinations, but the trips are like $4,000+, which is far out of reach of my budget!). I'm leaving Boston May 22nd to go home to Florida for two weeks, jetting to PA for my cousin's wedding the first weekend of June, working in D.C. for 8-10 weeks with a side trip to Boston for my other friend's wedding, and then heading back to Florida for 3 weeks before school starts again in August. I'm excited because I'm finally going to hit my TrueBlue target and get a free JetBlue flight at the end of the summer. Now I just have to find a destination to use it for (I'm thinking Hawaii, Cali or Las Vegas).

Got to get back to my case-reading, final exam studying routine. Take care!