Year in Review: Last Day of RC Classes

Today was the last day of RC classes, and as such, I'm in a particularly nostalgic mood. It's truly funny how things cement in your mind once they come to an end, and even if you didn't always realize it in the moment, you come to understand the gravity of it all, and how much fun you really had, when it drifts from reality into memory.

With that in mind, I wanted to count down some of my favorite experiences, professors, classes and moments from RC year. In no particular order...

My Learning Teams

(The Analytics Crew: Sonia, me, Matt, Jesus, Nowshad, David and Charlotte [not pictured])
(The RC Team: Phil, Reji, Qiao, me, Craig, Aneal)
I think I laughed the most in the time I spent with my learning teams. Whether we were arguing over Gantt charts or frustrating finance that none of us understood during Analytics, or discussing the merits of an axe in surviving the subarctic in the fall, we had a great time learning from, and with, each other. It's a little sad, because as always, the friendships inevitably fade a bit as you see, and rely on, each other less -- don't you sometimes wish you could stop time and just stay in the moment? Thankfully, I'll always remember and cherish the times we shared (why does it sound like I am writing a greeting card here?) and be ever grateful for the knowledge these people passed on and the good times we created.

Treks and Travels

(Entertainment and Media Club Hollywood Trek - Jan. 2009)

(Vermont, Section G Retreat, Fall 2008)
(Birthright Israel Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009)

(New York City -- numerous times 2008-2009)

(Dillsburg, PA, Thanksgiving 2008)
Although many of my sectionmates had far more exciting weekend jaunts than I did ("Nothing to do this weekend? Let's go to Iceland!"), I've traveled more this year than ever before. Whether it was side trips to Vermont or Pennsylvania, trips home to Florida to see family, weekends in New York City or my first overseas experience in Israel, I've come to really enjoy traveling. I'm hoping to make it to Europe this winter and maybe save up to go on the China or Japan trek next spring!
The Section Experience

(Queensday, Spring 2009)

(Holidazzle, Fall 2008)

I've said quite a few times that I was disappointed in the section experience -- most notably around the holidays when I still felt like I didn't know diddly squat about the majority of my sectionmates -- and I can't say that I've entirely changed my mind. However, there are days such as today, when we play our section song ("Love Generation by Bob Sinclair (I think?)), dance on the desks (a G tradition), sit in our first semester seats and have the chance to look around the room and really feel the bond that's been created. I can't say that I've really made 89 close friends, but I can't say that I've ever really been the social butterfly -- what I can say is that I've made 89 connections deep enough that should I ever be in a pickle, I know these people would be there for me. And don't get me wrong, I have made some great friendships. I looked around the room today and envisioned the world travels I'll have to make to visit my friends in India, China and Japan, to name a few. I'll definitely miss these people.

(Section G, Class of 2010)
And then there are the random things I've enjoyed:
  1. Professors: I've truly been blown away by how engaged the professors are at this school and how much they care about the learning experience of their students. Overall, I've enjoyed most of my professors, although the favorites (Michel Anteby from Fall, Rawi Abdelal and Joshua Margolis from Spring) will always stick out.
  2. My dorm and hallmates: I've made some of my closest friends simply by living side by side. Tanya and Qiao, I'm so happy we'll be neighbors again next year!
  3. Seasons! Seriously, guys, seasons rock. I don't think I can ever go back to year round summer after I've seen how beautiful the flower blossoms are in spring, how mesmerizing the fall colors can be, and how soft and inviting fresh fallen snow appears. Next year I swear I am making a snowman and having a picnic in the Boston gardens in the fall/spring.
  4. Dessert at Top of the Hub, sweet potato sushi in Harvard Square, movies, malls, lots of Starbucks, foie gras with the marketing club, asking Bob Iger a question thanks to EMC, playing a consultant in a video, dressing as a gypsy for festive friends, presenting the first skydeck of the year, being skydecked numerous times for having this very blog, sitting next to an eye surgeon, sitting next to a Malaysian banker, commiserating over finance woes, dominating negotiations, L-O-V-I-N-G strategy ;), buying a section fleece, dancing on the desks, being terrified of a cold call, praying for a cold call, fro-yo at the Grille, lunches with professors, and realizing I've learned more in a year at HBS than in all the rest of my school experience.

Here's to the conclusion of a great year, the start of an awesome summer and looking forward to the good times ahead as the big man on EC!

Spring in Boston... beautiful! I love seasons!

And I finally got to ride in the swan boat downtown! :)

3 weeks left of RC!