My Home for the Next Year

Sorry for the delay in blogging -- it's been quite a month! Not too much has been happening on the HBS front, but my day-to-day life has been consumed with an increased work load (happily!), family pet emergencies and an overall busy schedule. But I'm back and with good news: Yesterday the HBS Residence Hall Lottery was drawn and I received a room assignment in Round 1! Readers, I present McCulloch Hall!

It doesn't look like much from this photo, but it's in a great location on campus, has four floors and tunnel access to all classrooms, the library, the gym and the student center (and it's air conditioned, thank goodness). My room is on the third floor with a view of one of the other dorms. According to the floor plans available on the HBS Web site, I was placed in a two-room suite, which although I've never seen one, is supposed to be nice.

The rooms come with an extra-long twin bed, a desk, bookshelf, dresser, closet and private sink. I'll have a shared bathroom with approximately 4 others. The building itself has 10 kitchen "areas" (no full kitchens, so it'll be dining hall life for me) with a fridge and microwave. I'll probably rent a mini-fridge for the room, but we're not allowed coffee makers (THE HORROR!) so I'm thinking maybe I'll buy and donate one to the kitchen "area" so I don't have to purchase my java each and every morning. The common area is beautiful and has a 52" flat screen TV and a grand piano incase I ever decide to learn Mozart in my free time. Take a look:

And finally, here are a few of the HBS-supplied sample photos of what a McCulloch standard room could look like (the dimensions are a little different for each room, plus I have a two-room suite, which they didn't have any photos of).

My room (the suite) has three windows, so hopefully it'll be a little brighter than what these pictures show (the room looks a little drab here).

Now the exciting part starts: searching for a bedspread, looking through design magazines to come up with my "theme" and getting ready to decorate! I'm going to try to stick to a blue/green and/or yellow theme so I can use as much of the decor that I already have from my current bedroom (less to buy new and try to get rid of after two years). The best news is that should I like this room, I can leave all of my stuff in it over the summer and not have to worry about shipping anything back and forth.

Analytics move-in is August 11th, so I'll fly up to Boston on the 10th. I can't believe it's already less than 4 months away! More news as it comes...

New Look For "Harvard Bound"

If you've visited my blog at any point over the last few days you may have noticed one of several new layouts I've been trying out. I was starting to feel constrained by what Blogspot offers in the realm of templates so I went searching in the World Wide Web and tried everything from a city scape to a subdued modern look, finally settling on this one. Since I'm a Florida gal, I figured what better to represent myself than a sunny beach (let's put aside the fact that I have a horrible fear of putting anything more than my pinky toe in ocean water...I do love the sand and sun though!).

I'm also going to try including more photos in my blogs, and if I can figure out how to edit the HTML, I want to add a counter so I can see how many of you are actually checking out my entries. I already added a Link List on the left sidebar where I'll link to some of my favorite blogs and Web sites in general. That list should grow past the current two links over the next few days.

So...what do you think of the new look? :)