Will you be my penpal?

Ever since I was little, I've loved having penpals. I used to tear out the Penpal matching sheets from BOP and Teen Beat, mail in my $2.00 and anxiously await receiving a penpal (do you remember those?). Nowadays with the advent of the internet, people don't write letters so much, but I still love receiving mail that's not a bill or a Victoria's Secret catalog (I get one every 3 days, don't ask why). With that said, I've received my HBS mailing address and would like to ask that you write me real mail so I can feel special and not pathetic when I check my mailbox daily. Please write to:

1112 HBS Student Mail Center
Boston, MA 02163
Cute stationary and/or cards that I can proudly display on my dresser are preferred, but care packages, plain old postcards and other correspondence will also be accepted. :) I can start receiving mail there as soon as I arrive (Aug. 11) so this gives you plenty of time to get that first letter, detailing how much you miss me of course, in the mail. Seriously though, when I was at UF it meant the world to me to get cards and letters -- a little slice of home in an unfamiliar place -- so please do take a few minutes to keep me up to date on your lives. I'll love you for it!

2 Responses to "Will you be my penpal?"

fumishop responded on July 23, 2008 at 6:56 AM #

Thank you for writing about topics of
letter and penpal.

Let's enjoy talking on paper.

from Japanese paperie(^_^)


Anonymous responded on July 23, 2008 at 10:54 AM #

Oh! I'd love to send you letters as well =) Sorry I haven't written back to you lately btw...some stress/craziness from moving, as I'm sure you understand right now as well! And also, happy BELATED birthday! I want to send you a card soon. I'll email you soon; send me your mailing address via email too! =)