Orientation Schedule!

It's hard to believe that I'm less than two months away from moving to Boston and starting my HBS adventure. With each passing day it becomes more and more real that my life is about to change in a big way!

A prime example: A few days ago the Orientation schedule was posted and I was expecting to find a boring list of classes, registration and perhaps some cheesy team building activities. Instead I found an overwhelmingly exciting list of cruises around Boston Harbor, Casino Nights, movies on the lawn and more! What is this, summer camp? Now of course I know that the boring things are there too, but wow, what a difference from my UF experience. There (with 52,000 students, mind you), we were all numbers left to fend for ourselves. Here (albeit with a much more manageable 900 students), we're encouraged to make friends right from the start, and in small groups nonetheless, so you can get past the annoying pleasentries phase and actually make conversation. Check out some of the activities for the first two weeks:

  • HBS Residence Hall Reception: The HBS Department of Operations hosts a reception for all students living in the HBS residence halls.
  • Buses to Local Stores (is it sad that a shopping trip to Target makes me so excited?): The Student Association has organized bus trips to shuttle students from HBS to local stores (Target, Best Buy and the Arsenal Mall). Take advantage of this great service and get all of your apartment and back-to-school shopping done!
  • Small Group Dinners at Various Restaurants in Harvard Square: Do you want to get past the "where are you from and where did you work" stage? If so, come to a small group dinner and get to know some of your classmates. The Student Association will email all dinner attendees their assigned restaurant and group.
  • Student Association Welcome Reception outside on Spangler Lawn: The Student Association invites you to a reception with the Class of 2010.
  • Dean's Welcome to the Class of 2010: Gather with the entire Class of 2010 for the first time.
  • Learning Team Activities: Immediately following the Dean's Welcome, you will meet your Learning Team. The activities will run all day and all of the activities will be held outdoors.
  • Learning Teams Dinner: Following the day of team building activities, your Learning Team will enjoy a dinner together on campus. Your EC learning Team mentor will join you.
  • Baker Library Tour: Come see how Baker Library can contribute to your success in the MBA Program as Library staff introduce you to the resources the library has to offer.
  • The Leadership Challenges of Global Competition: In this session, four HBS senior faculty members with extensive international experience will briefly present their views of the critical leadership challenges created by global competition.
  • Thank Goodness It's Friday! (TGIF): TGIF is a Friday tradition at HBS. Unwind after your first week of classes at HBS and relive those nasty cold-calls over a cold beer.
  • Club Night: It's time to show your classmates the real story behind how you got into HBS - and it wasn't your 780 GMAT score. Admission is free for students all night.
  • Boat Cruise on Boston Harbor: Enjoy an evening cruising around Boston Harbor. Dance to the DJ's beats on the deck and enjoy drinks and snacks from the cash bar.
  • Movie on the Lawn: Bring your new friends, find a blanket to sit on, and join us for a big-screen, on the lawn - movie title coming soon.
  • Casino Night: Put on your best duds, and place your bets! Who knows, you could win enough to pay your RC tuition - that is, if Harvard University will take play money. Who cares? A fitting closing event for a wonderful Orientation 2008. Dress code is semi-formal (jacket and tie for men, cocktail dress or equivalent for women).
  • The Dean's Office sponsors the annual Fall Community Party. All are welcome for an afternoon of food and games.
How I'm supposed to squeeze classes, eating and sleeping in with all of this fun I have no clue! Guess I better invest in a REALLY good planner!!

3 Responses to "Orientation Schedule!"

Anonymous responded on June 13, 2008 at 8:23 PM #

Oh wow!!! I'm so jealous, all of that sounds so fun!

Taush responded on June 14, 2008 at 7:22 PM #

Hell yeah a trip to Target is exciting! I'd be up for it too! I think out of all of those, the small group dinner sounds the best- good food and good conversation, where can you go wrong?

Ellen responded on November 10, 2008 at 4:25 PM #

People should read this.