Musical Dorms

This afternoon I was searching the HBS Bulletin Boards while eating my Chinese take out (chicken lo-mein, delicious!) and noticed someone had posted about re-arranged floor plans on McCulloch Hall (my hall). I went online and lo and behold, my room had not only swapped places with another room, but it is now a one-room large single and NOT a 2-room suite. Are you confused yet? I know I am.

I called the Housing Office and the floor plans were apparently outdated on the Web site prior to yesterday. The deets (as of today) on my room are that it is for sure a one-room large single, it has a full-size bed (not a twin bed, which means all that bedding I bought is going back to Linens N Things), a built-in desk with bookshelf, one closet and one sink. Other than that, things seem to be the same. Here's the new (and hopefully final floor plan):

As you can see, the dimensions are about 16" X 12" -- definitely a nice size, although the futon idea is out. In other good news, the update means that I can in fact bring all of my linens, decorations, knick-knacks, etc. up from my current bedroom, so the decor that I'll need to purchase is essentially nilch (aside from a few bath towels and a pair of shower shoes). Hopefully with this update, the game of musical dorms has come to an end!

2 Responses to "Musical Dorms"

@ynsley responded on May 12, 2008 at 12:55 AM #

LOL...the dorm takes on yet another really is a game of musical dorms! haha...even though you now have a one bedroom suite, I am sure it will be just as fabulous! =) The size of the room is pretty large, and you get a full size bed instead of a twin which is a major plus. I can't wait to come visit!!!! :D

Taush responded on May 24, 2008 at 10:18 AM #

Aw! Disregard my previous comment about the comforter then... Still a fantastic deal.