I'm the proud new owner of a Sony CR Series Laptop!

After many long weeks of research, reading product reviews and hearing (mostly disaster) stories from owners of several top laptop brands, I made the leap and purchased my Sony Notebook this afternoon. I settled on the new CR series in all of its pink girlicious glory. Here are the basic specs to those of you who may understand computer language:

  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T8300

  • 2.4 GHz, 3MB L2 Cache

  • 14.1" LCD with XBRITE-ECO™

  • Built-in 1.3M camera

  • Bluetooth capability

  • Multimedia controls and CD/DVD burning drive

  • 250 GB Hard Drive

  • Cosmopolitan Pink finish and matching USB mouse
I also added on the heftily-priced (but invaluable should the situation arise) extended warranty with accidental damage insurance, which like I said, I will hopefully never have to use. The notebook itself is gorgeous -- the exterior has a sparkly sheen to it and the keys are silver and metallic, which is a nice contrast. It's not all that heavy (~five pounds) and reminds me a lot of a MAC in style. I have yet to actually hook it up and try everything out -- that's tomorrow's adventure.

The whole purchase (with the 3-year, $300 extended warranty) came to $1,700 and because of a special they had, I got the USB mouse (and an extra USB mouse that is going straight on eBay) for free, plus a $20 discount. The salesperson hinted that the model may have gone on sale closer to the school season, but personally (borrowing from my economics knowledge here) the opportunity cost of waiting until May or June just seemed too high. Maybe it's my anxiety over procrastination, but I could see myself going to purchase it during a sale, and because of the discount, it being out of stock, or them not having the color I wanted or whatnot. The potential $200 savings somehow balanced out with the freedom of mind that I have knowing it's paid for and ready to go in the fall.

So what do you think, dear reader, did I make a good choice?


Anonymous responded on March 10, 2008 at 6:18 PM #

I indeed think you made a great choice...hehe, I would have bought that laptop in all its pink glory, too! =P